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Scott “Big Whoop” Narreau in Denver - CrossFit Elevation

Scott “Big Whoop” Narreau

CrossFit Level I Trainer

USAW Sports and Performance Level I

Chi Running Level I

I was introduced to CrossFit by a very close friend who was on the same US Navy EOD dive team as me in Sicily, Italy in the early 90’s. Admittedly, I had become a lazy athlete and was in pretty rough shape. My first WOD took place in a dingy corner of D-Town boxing on Santa Fe Drive in the Art District of Denver. During many of my first WODs I would have to lay down on my back and wait long enough to catch my breath and then go back to work to try and finish it. However, the format and movements really struck a chord with me. I was instantly attracted to that horrific "suck" feeling and was sure that the program was effective and would most likely improve my health and fitness levels rapidly. I quickly became enthralled with CrossFit. I didn’t want to miss a day in the gym for anything. I am fascinated with trying to find the right words and phrases that will help people understand the movements and their body positions relative to efficiency and safe body positions under load.



  • 2012 Lift The Rockies Mixed Teams Bronze Medal
  • 2012 Front Range Master’s Championship Bronze Medal
  • 2013 CrossFit Open Southwest Master’s Division 10th Place

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