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Theresa “Tranimal” Tran in Denver - CrossFit Elevation

Theresa “Tranimal” Tran

CrossFit Level I Trainer

I have three wonderful things that have made a huge impact on my life - my career as a dental hygienist, becoming a CrossFit athlete and Olympic Weightlifting athlete. I was never very athletic so when a CrossFit Performance and Nutrition challenge was suggested to me in August 2011 I jumped at the opportunity in which I won the performance prize in. I never thought in a million years that I had the ability achieve this, I out proved myself. Since starting CrossFit I have completed the Bear Chase Half Marathon, participated in several local CrossFit singles and team competitions including Girls Gone Rx, 2015 Pound for Pound, 2nd in the 2012 Pound for Pound competition and signed up to do several obstacle course mud runs, including the Tough Mudder and Insanity Mud Run. I enjoy participating in local Olympic Weight-lifitng meet, it takes competing into a different mindset and training.

I have established and found my family at CrossFit Elevation and I love every minute that I am there. I have realized that this lifestyle change has manifested itself in everything that I do. I love the fact that I can help people discover their potential. I live my life to yell, laugh, guide, and to inspire!

Athletic Accomplishments:

  • 2nd place Senior Women's - 2016 Olympic Day Weightlifting
  • 1st Place Women's 48kg division - 2016 Colorado State and Open Weightlifitng Championship
  • 1st Place Women's 48kg division - 2013 Rodger DeGarmo Memorial Weightlifting Meet
  • 1st Place Women's 48kg division - 2013 Front Range CrossFit Fall Weightlifting Meet
  • Girls Gone Rx  
  • 2nd Place 2012 Pound for Pound Competition

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